May 2023 Business Meeting Notes

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Barony of Bhakail Business Meeting Notes: May 9, 2023

Baronial Events

Waking of the Salamander II

Great event, people are beginning to talk about next year although there is no bid yet. The event turned a profit.

Champions and Commons

Bid was accepted at last months meeting


A bid has been received from Scholastica Capelleria and Mari Clock van Hoorne. The financials are currently under review by the Council of the Exchequer, and should be brought to the Barony for vote next month. Costs will be higher than last year due to increase in insurance and site costs. Idea is an Eastern Yule, with an all day dayboard and no feast. Mari clock van Horn

Other Events

Bhakail should be aware of the upcoming investitures for our neighbor Baronies of Iron Bog (June 10) and Buckland Cross.

Old Business

Shire Wars Charter

No updates on the charter from the last meeting. 

Shire Wars

Philly reported that the event last year made a profit, and as a supporter Bhakail will receive a portion. 

New Business

Knight Marshal

Motte, who has been the Knight Marshal, has asked to step down and hand the position to Aaron the Swift from Bhakail. He has submitted a letter of intent to the Seneschal.

Deputy Seneschal for Social Media

Rowen Cloteworthy is seeking a candidate to replace him in this position. He will gladly mentor anyone who is interested. Main duties are maintaining the Barony Facebook group, welcome new members of the group, and connect them with Chana. Also need to make sure that any information posted on Facebook is also shared on the Barony email list, which is the only officially recognized communication tool.

Additional Officer Reports

Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

Hellooooooooooo the Peoples of the Barony, Our neighbors and Our Allies;

We of Bhakail rejoice, as Our WotS2 event is was a lovely success, that Amazing and Illuminating Blaze of Springtime Cheer that sets boldly upon Our Barony’s Hearth; We were set to witness Our People Camp, Cook, engaging in Fun and Games, and randomly creating music with one another, bringing great joy to the Lands of Bhakail in this new year. We met new people, who We hope to see more of in the future, in the form of new people to the SCA as well as previous members now returning. 

As mentioned before, the Baronry is still currently in need of more scroll holders, if anyone either has spares lying about, or is willing to construct them, We would appreciate these efforts greatly. 

I would also like to note the various Largess Projects that are on Our Horizons this year, anyone interested in participating, please see Lady Scolastica! We held a Largess Moot this last Sunday which was incredibly informative. This on-line meeting was well attended by many friends and allies from far flung places that sadly lack in being the Glory that is Bhakail, and for this must be forgiven. 

Regardless of all else, We are hoping to see as many of you all at upcoming events both within and without the bounds of Bhakail! 

In closing: Read these words of High Poetry and Song by those Grand Forbears of August Lineage of the Great Khan of the Cairngorms, with words by their most honored and noteworthy of Flapdoddlesmackers, sometimes known simply as The Ain WeeJock. Let these words whisk you away to a time e’er now long gone. Let its inspiration give your soul wings, and add extra dimensions to thine own setupons!

Энэ их урт зам байсан
Тэндээс энд хүрнэ
Удаан хугацаа өнгөрчээ
Гэхдээ миний цаг ойртож байна
Мөн би яг одоо салхины өөрчлөлтийг мэдэрч байна
Миний замд юу ч саад болохгүй
Тэд намайг цаашид барихгүй
Үгүй ээ, тэд намайг барихгүй
Яагаад гэвэл надад зүрх сэтгэлийн итгэл бий
Би зүрх минь намайг авч явах газар л явна
Надад итгэх итгэл бий
би юуг ч хийж чадна
Надад сэтгэлийн тэнхээ бий
Мөн хэн ч намайг нугалж, эвдэхгүй
Би ямар ч одод хүрч чадна
Надад итгэл бий
Надад итгэл, зүрх сэтгэлийн итгэл бий

Be well,

And Peace be upon you in these Slowly Enlightening Times; 


Baron of Bhakail

Social Media Deputy – Magister Rowen Cloteworthy

Our Facebook page has seen an influx of visitors from out-Kingdom, Pennsic campmates of the Barony. We’ve also had several newcomers join, all of whom have been introduced electronically to Baron Muin and Lady Chana. Information continues to travel back and forth between our social media and email.

Also, I’ve reached out to Máistir Mael Eoin as Seneschal and Taichleach as Deputy Seneschal. Having served the Barony in this role for 3-1/2 years, and while I’ve enjoyed being involved as our first Deputy Seneschal for Social Media, it is a right and good thing that space be made for newer members to have opportunities to serve. To that end, I’m announcing that I’m stepping down on a timetable convenient for the Barony. I’ll still be available to offer any mentoring to my replacement, should that be needed. Thank you to the Honorable Lady Alesia and the Barony for allowing me to start this office and to Máistir Mael Eoin for allowing me to continue until now.


Officer reports submitted prior to the day of the meeting are available at:


Minute notes recorded by Ellyn Grene 

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