September 2023 Business Meeting Notes

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Barony of Bhakail Meeting Notes: September 12, 2023


Champions and Commons

Chana reported that attendance was about 100 and a good time was had by all. There was $88 in donations, and $230 raised from the plague sale that will be used to buy new storage bins and loaner garb.

PAX Unplugged

Chana will be running the Bhakail booth at PAX Unplugged again this year, which is scheduled for Dec. 1-3, 2023 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Volunteers are requested for help with staffing the booth, interacting with the audience during demos, and playing period games. There is a small demo team that has already been arranged.


From Scolastica: Greetings! I will be unable to attend the business meeting tuesday. Here is the update for Yule: 

The Royals have accepted our invitation to come to the event and it has been added to the royal progress calendar. The Paypal link is live and all are encouraged to register as soon as possible so we may have a good idea of attendance for dayboard. 

Contracts have been signed and deposits paid. We are on track as far as those items are concerned. 

Competition themes have been added to the event posting. Its never too early to start your projects! 

If you are interested in being on staff for set up, take down, clean up, door wardening or gate, please contact me! 

Hartshorn-Dale Investiture

Has been postponed. Stay tuned for further updates.


Still have no bid.

Waking of the Salamander III

No updates.

Old Business


New Business

East Kingdom Curia

Mael Eoin reminds everyone that the upcoming East Kingdom Curia is open to the populace. If you would like to see how the business of the Kingdom is carried out, plan to attend the meeting on Thursday, Sept 28 at 8 pm. Business of note to be discussed includes rules involving profit sharing for kingdom events.

SCA Membership Fees

There is an anticipated increase in membership fees from Society, although no details have been released.

Baronial Inventory

Ysmay will be taking the lead in organizing an inventory and review of the items owned by the barony, in particular the cooking equipment. Be on the lookout for scheduling information and potential plans for disposing of surplus items. 

Additional Officer Reports

Knight Marshal – Aaron the Swift

Fight practices continue to occur weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm. The current location is 48 Dickinson St. Philadelphia, PA 19147. It is an outdoor site with lights and cover from the weather. We will be using this location for the next couple months until we get cold. 

Thrown Weapons Marshal – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki 

Thrown Weapons-practices continue on Sunday.  Baronial Championship to occur at River Wars. There will also be a battle of the champions between Iron Bog and Bhakail.

Minister of the List – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

There were two tournaments at Champions and Commons.  Heady had a round robin of 6 fighters.  Rapier had a Bedford points tournament with 16 fencers.  Much thanks to Lady An Hua who stepped in to help with the rapier tournament.

Minute notes recorded by Ellyn Grene 

Business MeetingOfficer Reports

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