September 2023 Officer Reports

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Following are the monthly officer reports that have been submitted prior to the Bhakail monthly business meeting of Sept 12, 2023.

Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

Greetings the Peoples of the Barony, Our neighbors and Our Allies;

We in Bhakail are now in the final push away from that awful and sweaty event, The Pennsickening. Now we turn our efforts to the repair of everything we broke, ripped and wore out at Pennsic, in order to be able to use it again… At Pennsic. Huzzah.  

Remember: This is supposed to be FUN!

We also just had our local event, Commons, wherein many integral and exciting things happened! Such As:

The Honorable Lord Guillame du Chantier as the Baronial Armored Champion of Bhakail.

The Honorable Lord Aaron the Swift as the new Populace’s Armored Champion!

Baron Eliyahu al-Talhi, Appointed as the Brand Spankin’ New Baronial Rapier Champion for Bhakail. 

Master Lorenzo Gorla (Who is notably, NOT a Frog) After receiving MANY recommendations, He was offered, and accepted the Post of the Populace’s Rapier Champion.

Lord Malcolm MacLeod, provided poles and ropes for the List Field! BLAMMO!! FLAME!

Lady Chana Freidl the Maker- Ran the event! Made it all happen! BOOM! FLAME!

Honorable Lady Mairi Crawford- Stepped down as Our Signet, SHAKALA-BOOM-DePOW! FLAAAAMMMME!!!!

I will reiterate how proud I was of all of the effort Bhakail put into the Largess Gifts that were given to Iron Bog at their Investiture. We would like to note the various other Largess Projects that are on Our Horizons this year, anyone interested in participating, please (again…) see Lady Scolastica, or Myself! Regardless of the embuggering delays placed upon these groups by a crusty recalcitrance, their Investitures will happen… at some point. That being the case.. LET US ENLARGESSENATE!

Regardless of all else, We are hoping to see as many of you all at upcoming events both within AND without the bounds of Bhakail! 

Do not overexert.
Help others to the shade, and water when you see they need it.
In the course of the year to come, be calm, and patient. With yourself AND others.

Be well,

And Peace be upon You in these Sweaty, Unreasonable Times; 


Baron of Bhakail

Social Media Deputy – Dillena o’r Gwyrddol

This past month has seen 13 new members join Bhakail’s Facebook group, many of whom have been established members of the SCA. All newcomers have been introduced to Lady Chana and Baron Muin. We’ve also seen 73 posts over the last month, many of which have been related to pennsic and/or Champions & Commons. Of our 691 current members, 550 were active in our facebook group over the past month.

Chronicler – Lady Ellyn Grene 

The next issue of the Salamander is scheduled for publication this month. If you have any content you would like to contribute, please contact me by Sept 24.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Honorable Lady Scolastica Capellaria

Bhakailis went to Pennsic and made and learned about lots and lots of things! The scriptorium ran by our fabulous Signet continues to offer support in the scribal arts as well as classes and discussions. Check out the website calendar for details.

Largess! We continue to collect Largess for our neighbors baronial investitures. Please inquire if you are interested donating your time to make things for the Barony to give as Largess in the near future. If you have any questions, please send them my way!

There are A&S opportunities at the following local events:

  •       September 22-24, River War Barony of Iron Bog, (Mullica Hill, NJ), A&S competition!
  •       September 30, “Not Ready for Crown Torney Torney and Step off the Page A&S Challenge” Shire of Eisental, (Nazareth PA).
  •       October 6-8, Ghosts Ghouls and Goblins: Journey to the East! Barony of Carillion (Manalapan, NJ), eastern themed A&S challenges.
  •       October 28th, Nos Calan Gaeaf: A Winter’s Eve Schola, Settmour Swamp (Summit, NJ). A full day schola of classes.  

We now have the themes for both Brewing and the A&S championships for Yule! Its never too early to start working on your projects!

Brewing Championship:

This year’s theme will be to brew a dry beverage. An extra point will be given for beverages that are not sweet. Be creative and have fun. Documentation is helpful but an ingredient list is required.

Arts and Science Championship:

Make and present an item specific to your persona or a specific type of person in a time and place if you don’t have a persona. The more unique or specific to that persona the better. If it is a new skill you are trying out, let us know, that is even better!

If you are interested in teaching or hosting arts and science classes locally, please let me know! I would like to schedule additional classes for the barony and friends.

The Kingdom MOAs office now has a calendar for arts and science events across the kingdom!

If you have any A&S interests that you would like to explore, need help researching something, or are looking for resources feel free to email me at I also would love to see what you are working on! Please send me pictures of your projects!

Chatelaine – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Chatelaine report: Commons brought out a few newcomers, one of which only contacted me three days before the event to ask about the SCA!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to them and show them around – people love our Barony because of how friendly we are, I’m glad that extends to our newcomers.  Our plague sale at Commons was also a great success!  We raised $232, some of which I plan on using for new storage bins for the Gold Key in my possession.  As always, if you need to borrow anything for yourself or a friend, please let me know with plenty of warning before the event so I can pull and wash the garb.  

Pennsic: Our camp this year ran very smoothly and efficiently, thanks to the combined effort of many people.  Yoshi kicked butt and got our showers running by Saturday night, as well as organizing the extension of the sumps when it was needed.  Bryan Deemer was immeasurably helpful in getting tents set in the right place (get it, immeasurably?  He did the measuring…  I’ll see myself out).  Darmon lent us his truck and his strength with storage unit runs…  Everyone pitched in this year to help make camp run its best.  Thank you all!  And congratulations to our gaming champion, Clara, for winning the annual chess match against Flaming Gryphon!

PAX Unplugged: Once again, we will have a demo booth at PAX Unplugged this year, which runs December 1, 2, and 3.  If you are attending PAX and would like to spend some time at the booth playing Medieval games, please let me know.  You are welcome to wear garb if you are comfortable doing so, but you do not have to.  There will be space available at the booth if you would like to change at the convention and store a bag of clothes.  We will once again have fighting demos on Saturday, 12/2, this time with fencing and heavy fighting!  The demo is extremely small, and therefore unfortunately not open to everyone who fights, I have asked a select team of people for both fencing and heavy to demo for us.  We only have a 20×20 space, so we cannot have as many fighters as would like to fight.

Officer Reports

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