November 2023 Officer Reports

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Following are the monthly officer reports that have been submitted prior to the Bhakail monthly business meeting of November 14, 2023.

Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

Greetings the Peoples of the Barony, Our neighbors and Our Allies;

We in Bhakail are now in the final push away from that awful and sweaty time of the year known as “Summer.” And now that it has passed, We may focus Our Efforts to the preparing for both Yule, and Tavern!

We also have many Local and Regional, such as the Weekly Social, Various Fighting practices, and Scribal Classes & Gatherings, wherein many integral and exciting things happen!

I will reiterate how proud I was of all of the effort Bhakail put into the Largess Gifts that were given to Iron Bog at their Investiture. We would like to note the various other Largess Projects that are on Our Horizons this quickly dwindling year, anyone interested in participating, please (again…) see Lady Scolastica, or Myself!

Yule will, once again, be a Royal Progress, and we are looking for Largess to gift to the Kingdom, as well. Let Us all show the Kingdom how Bhakail SHINES! That being the case.. LET US MAKE WITH THE ENLARGESSENATIONS!

Regardless of all else, We are hoping to see as many of you all at upcoming events both within AND without the bounds of Bhakail!

Do not overexert.
Help others to the shade, and water when you see they need it.
In the course of the year to come, be calm, and patient.
With yourself AND others.

Looking forward to seeing all the happy faces at Yule!

Be well,

And Peace be upon You in these Sweaty, Unreasonable Times;


Baron of Bhakail

Seneschal’s Report – Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh 

As we head to the end of the year, with a couple of regular events and a huge demo coming up, it’s a very busy time for the Barony, not to mention all of the holidays outside of the SCA. I hope we can all take as many opportunities to see one another and share the things we all enjoy doing.

I started in this role intending to set up my intended successor and to get through a review of our policies and customs. Eirik has been great in picking up some of the duties, so as to be involved in the role, but neither of us has had the year we expected when we started. I’m still intending to step down when my first term is up and I hope to still get the review done, or at least well underway. Eirik, though, has moved out of area and while we could get a variance if the Barony wanted to go that route, by default Seneschals are required to live within the borders of the group they’re heading up.

So if you’re interested in the role, let me know; there’s still time to work on things as the Emergency Deputy with support throughout the rest of my term, and I’d delegate as much or as little as you might want.

I hope everyone’s coming into the holiday season as well as can be, and that everyone’s tables groan with food and ring with laughter.

Social Media Deputy – Dillena o’r Gwyrddol

We’ve had a fairly simple month in the realm of social media. 7 new members have been welcomed into our Facebook group. We’ve had 53 posts, 131 comments, and 588 reactions. Over the course of the month, 479 of our facebook members have been active. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our online space!

Knight Marshal – Aaron the Swift

No updates to the time or location as of yet. We are monitoring the weather and will look to move towards our indoor site when a consensus is reached that things are too cold. So far that hasn’t happened yet though!

We are also beginning a monthly “tournament” on the first practice of every month. It is a great opportunity for all levels of fighters to get some low-stakes tournament practice. We had a healthy group of fighters between chivalry and their first year of authorization, 12 in total!

Rapier Marshal – Don Melchior Kriebel

Rapier practice continues to be on hold until a proper practice space can be secured.

Thrown Weapons Marshal – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki 

Last practice is currently scheduled for November 19th. If the weather appears to be warm enough, we may extend on a week by week basis.

Minister of the List – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

Nothing to report.

Chronicler – Lady Ellyn Grene 

The next issue of the newsletter is scheduled to be published by the end of the month. If you have content to contribute, please get it to me by no later than November 20th. Artwork, photos, news and articles are welcomed!

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Honorable Lady Scolastica Capellaria

Bhakalis have been working hard learning new arts and sciences and attending local events. The scriptorium run by our fabulous Signet continues to offer support in the scribal arts as well as classes and discussions. Check out the website calendar for details.

Largess! We continue to collect Largess for our neighbors baronial investitures. Please inquire if you are interested donating your time to make things for the Barony to give as Largess in the near future. If you have any questions, please send them my way!

There are A&S opportunities at the following local events:

  •       December 9, Bhakail Yule, Barony of Bhakail, (Philadelphia, PA). Arts and Science Competition, Brewing Competition, and dancing.
  •       January 13, Twelth Night, Barony of Buckland Cross, (Jamison PA). A selection of period games in addition to other activities.

Don’t forget, our championships are right around the corner.

Brewing Championship:

This years theme will be to brew a dry beverage. An extra point will be given for beverages that are not sweet. Be creative and have fun. Documentation is helpful but an ingredient list is required.

Arts and Science Championship:

Make and present an item specific to your persona or a specific type of person in a time and place if you don’t have a persona. The more unique or specific to that persona the better. If it is a new skill you are trying out, let us know, that is even better!

Virtual A&S Opportunities abound:

Virtual Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium is happening online from January 26-28, 2024.

Atlantia University’s next online session is February 3-4, 2024. Class proposals are due December 16th.

If you are interested in teaching or hosting arts and science classes locally, please let me know! I would like to schedule additional classes for the barony and friends.

The Kingdom MOAs office now has a calendar for arts and science events across the kingdom!

If you have any A&S interests that you would like to explore, need help researching something, or are looking for resources feel free to email me at I also would love to see what you are working on! Please send me pictures of your projects!

Chatelaine – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Social continues to be a great gathering place for our newcomers, who have been coming more and more often.  Thank you to everyone from the Barony who has made them feel so welcome here, it’s this sense of community that I love about Bhakail.

PAX: PAX Unplugged is less than a month away!  All new supplies have been purchased and game kits have been assembled.  I’m planning on making a couple new posters to keep at the booth with important links for newcomers.  If you are planning on attending PAX and would like to spend some time at the booth, please come by!  I also have a signup sheet you can use to plan out your time with us –  We will have fencing and heavy demos on Saturday, at the top of every hour.  Our demo teams are closed due to limited space, but you are more than welcome to come explain the fighting to the gathering crowd!

Officer Reports

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