December 2023 Officer Reports

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Following are the monthly officer reports that have been submitted prior to the Bhakail monthly business meeting of December 13, 2023.


Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

Greetings the Peoples of the Barony, Our neighbors and Our Allies;

We in Bhakail are now in the final push into that wonderful season of holidays and other Wintery delights!
We may focus Our Efforts to the preparing for both Yule, and Tavern!
By the time you read this, The Yule event will have occurred, hopefully to the great wonder and enjoyment of all concerned.
And now We have Tavern to look forward to!
We also have many Local and Regional meetings and practices to look forward to as the Year once again Turns, such as the Weekly Social, Various Fighting practices, and Scribal Classes & Gatherings, wherein many integral and exciting things happen! 

We would like to note the various other Largess Projects that are on Our Horizons this quickly dwindling year, anyone interested in participating, please (again…) see Lady Scolastica, or Myself! 

For those interested, Bhakail NEEDS HERALDS!

We are in need of a Deputy Herald, to fill this long gaping vacancy, as well as a bevy of trained Voice Heralds to attend events, local and otherwise, who might be interested in learning the ways and means of running a Baronial (or …GASP!…a Royal) Court. 

Now…As was announced at Yule during Court, Our term as Baron ends this coming year, At Yule, and so the Race begins! Who will step up to succeed Me?

Interested parties should submit a Letter of Intent to the Senescal ASAP! Final deadline for Letters of Intent is the March Barony Meeting!

If you are interested, but want to know what being Bhakail’s Coronet(s) is about and like, message me, or ask me the next time you see me! 

Regardless of all else, We are hoping to see as many of you all at upcoming events both within AND without the bounds of Bhakail! 


Do not overexert.
Say No to robot-love-pigeons.
Help others when you see they need it.
In the course of the year to come, be calm, and patient.

With yourself AND others.

Looking forward to seeing all the happy faces at Tavern!

Be well,

And Peace be upon You in these Sweaty, Unreasonable Times; 


Baron of Bhakail

Seneschal’s Report – Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh 

It has been quite the year for us! We’ve swung back into things with our regular events and had a fun second year of the Waking of the Salamander. PAX Unplugged was an amazing demo, again, all due to our Chatelaine, Chana, and all who helped throughout the weekend. Here’s hoping we see some new faces as a result, maybe at Tavern… A bunch of folks took info for the event with them 🙂

There’s a Seneschal 101 online session coming up in January, and I’m still in need of an emergency deputy, especially if anyone is thinking of stepping up into the Seneschal role as it opens up in June. I encourage folks to check it out, if even just to see what goes into it all 🙂

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for everything we all run and participate in every week and month throughout the year. These activities and events are how we enjoy what the SCA _is_, from arts and sciences to martial activities and the service and socialization that comes along with it all.

Thank you! Happy Holidays, and here’s to 2024 🙂

Rapier Marshal – Don Melchior Kriebel

We may have a new practice site! We are still negotiating but it is going very well and we hope to start practice Jan 3rd of the new year. Our new site will (likely) be the Reformation Lutheran Church in Media. Practice will (again, likely) be held from 7:30-9:30PM. Thank you to Eva for suggesting the new location. Suggested Donation will be $3 at the start. I hope to see many fencers there! 

Archery Marshal – Lady Ellyn Grene

Archery practices are on hiatus for the winter and will resume once the weather cooperates in the spring. 

Congratulations to all the Bhakail practice goers who achieved East Kingdom Royal Rounds for the year. Here are their final 2023 rankings from

Archers (averages of 0-39.99):
Maryna Borowska
Marksmen (averages of 40.00 – 59.99):
Ian Douglas
Mir of Bhakail
Dragmall Vidnir
Pappy the Surveyor (Caer Adamant)
Sabine de Kerbriant
Bowman (averages of 60.00 – 79.99)
Ellyn Grene

Thrown Weapons Marshal – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki 

Practices on hiatus for the winter. Bhakail has 8 throwers on the EK Royal rounds ranking list (+1 recent emigrant). That is more than any other landed group!!!  They are:

Mikael melrakki – 57.00
Ellyn Grene – 56.33
Ian Douglas – 39
Josh – 38
Eirik o Dubgaill (now Hartshorndale) – 34
Maryna Borowska – 15.67
Finnolfr Hrafnsson – 13.33
Alanna Toland – 10.67
Sequoia – 10.67

For those unfamiliar… A royal round consists of 10 throws with a particular weapon: Five from short and Five from long using either Axe, Knife or Spear. Each round has a maximum score of 50 points (10 bulls eyes). Once someone submits 3 scores with a particular weapon form, they get an average for the form.  The rankings are based on the sum of the averages of the three forms (if they have not submitted 3 scores for a form, they get a zero for it).

Minister of the List – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

Nothing to report.

Chronicler – Lady Ellyn Grene 

The next issue of The Salamander will be published in January 2024. Please send me any content you would like to include by no later than January 15.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Honorable Lady Scolastica Capellaria

I cannot believe it is December. But, here is my report (because the business meeting is directly after yule, yule related A&S info will have to wait and will follow in my yule event report). 

Bhakalis will have a fantastic yule of arts and sciences! (insert info on champions and such here).

Our signet continues to offer classes and meetings both online and offline for education in the scribal arts. Check out the calendar for details or email Margarette La Gantiere at

Largess! We continue to collect Largess for our neighbors baronial investitures (particularly that of Buckland Cross in January!). Please inquire if you are interested donating your time to make things for the Barony to give as Largess in the near future. If you have any questions, please send them my way! 

There are A&S opportunities at the following local events:

  •       January 13, Twelfth Night, Barony of Buckland Cross, (Jamison PA). A selection of period games in addition to other activities.
  •       January 27, At the Sign of the Fir and Bear, Barony of Bhakail, (Philadelphia, PA). Period games and bardic competitions.
  •       February 17, Bellringers 40th: Beauty, Bells and Brawn, Barony of Carillion (Manalapan, NJ). Period games and arts and science activities.

East Kingdom Arts and Science Competition March 2, 2024

  •       December 1, 2023, registration opens.
  •       February 3, 2024 Research Paper submission deadline
  •       February 10, 2024, Competition and judging registration deadline
  •       February 17, 2024, Documentation submission deadline
  •       February 24, 2024, Display registration deadline
  •       March 2, 2024, East Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition, Shire of Quintavia, (Worcester, MA).

For any questions, please check out

Virtual A&S Opportunities abound:
Virtual Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium is happening online from January 26-28, 2024.
Atlantia University’s next online session is February 3-4, 2024. Class proposals are due December 16th.

If you are interested in teaching or hosting arts and science classes locally, please let me know! I would like to schedule additional classes for the barony and friends.

The Kingdom MOAs office now has a calendar for arts and science events across the kingdom!

If you have any A&S interests that you would like to explore, need help researching something, or are looking for resources feel free to email me at I also would love to see what you are working on! Please send me pictures of your projects!

Chatelaine – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

PAX Unplugged was, once again, a wildly successful demo.  Though I have yet to receive any contact from people we spoke to there, I know a few of the people were actively interested in coming to Tavern.  I didn’t expect many responses, but the fact that we were out there allowed us to meet so many people.  And we had a great time doing it!  Plans are already in place for next year.  If you visited the booth at all, let me know what you thought!

In other news, some more Gold Key was discovered during the baronial supply cleanout, and there were some great pieces in there.  I was able to help garb three people at Yule.  If anyone knows of a newcomer that needs garb for an event, please let me know.

Yule Event Report – Honorable Lady Scolastica Capellaria

As the event has just happened and the receipts have not yet been tallied I will not have a full financial report until January. 

However, I want to report what a fantastic time that was had by all. The rolling dayboard was a success. Kitchen had minor issues that went unnoticed by most. (Chicken is still a problem in that kitchen, but, we had plenty of food to feed all who were there.) A thank you post to all the staff was posted on the EK and Baronial facebook pages as well as the email list. Championships and Court went smoothly. Clean up went very quickly, most of the cleaning was finished by 8:30 and all were out the door by 9:30 after tetrising the cooking gear. 

Before tavern I would recommend we put together a first aid box of some kind for events. Not knowing exactly where one was when it was needed was less than ideal. (No major injuries, but small cuts and burns do occur in a kitchen). Maybe something small we could keep in the Gate box would work? That way we always know where it is.

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