April 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

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Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

To the People of Bhakail, its Friends, it’s Allies, and that odd person standing behind you, offering you odd things from the larder to sniff;

Let us not, dearest Bhakail, forget our dear friends the Northern Dual Flanged Peryton… flipping glorious flying murderous featherbags. Pen them up together, and they will devour each other without a second thought… it’s Our nature, is it not? Ooor… avian-ungulate nature… So yes… We continue safely behind Our ramparts, watching as some neighbors thrive. Some neighbors wallow, and sway upon rolling waves like an over burdened and poorly made coracle. Some few even slumbering like beetle larvae, awaiting a plague free time to emerge, to begin pushing about a great, shining cowpat anew!!

We of this Barony continue to hold up here, well-provisioned and well-armed, bettering ourselves with Arts, Crafts, and Sciences most potent, month after month! Some even garnering great fame and Awards!

Which seems lovely to me any way you slice it!

Or… ahh… as some less-learned jackenapes, who may be want to boink wagon hubs when left to their own… devices… so naively suggests, we can release the ravening deer-rapter hybrids of outrageous metaphorical disposition, and we can pray that they will be merciful… I rather doubt it.

Can we, in fact, pretend that they are anything other than a herd of peryton scorned, like which fury Hell hath no…of…?

We cannot.

Res ipsa loquitur, tabula in naufragio, we are left with but one option… We must continue in our safely held paths, allowing for those with better intentions in mind to become inoculated, then thus slowly and securely beginning to step only tentatively from out behind Our Ramparts to meet in person once again.

In Anticipation;

  – Muin
Baron of Bhakail

Seneschal’s Report – Honorable Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar

Thank you to everyone who came out to help with cleaning up the thrown weapons/archery site, it went really well. The Kingdom is starting to allow outdoor practices, with the good weather coming I encourage everyone to go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

The ban on outdoor events expires on May 31st and many of us are looking forward to attending events in person again. This is very exciting but please take care to follow all of the kingdom guidelines and attend outdoor events safely.

  – Alesia

Social Media Deputy – Magister Rowen Cloteworthy

Hello, hello, Bhakail! –

Five new people have joined the FB group. Several of them are new to the Barony and have been directed to the Chatelaine.

Information continues to be cross-posted from the email list and the FB group and back.

Also, we’ve made a permanent change to our Facebook group. Based on input from the Baron and Baronial Seneschal, as well as guidance from the Society Social Media Officer passed through to the Kingdom SMO, and after posting the proposed change on our page for comments from Barony members, we have moved the Facebook group from Public to Private, though still marked “Visible” so it can be found. This is due to changes FB is making to public groups.

From the Kingdom Social Media Officer – “One key ‘feature’ is that individuals are able to join public groups and view posts without having to wait for administrator approval, which becomes an issue when attempting to keep individuals who have been banished or TRP’ed from the society from monitoring activity on our official groups.”

That’s all for this month.

I remain,
  – Rowen

Exchequer’s Report – Mistress Philadelphia Brown

Seeking a deputy.

Many thanks to Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh for raising the money from all his Yule and Tavern meals so that there is activity to report on in the 1st quarter chancellor of the exchequer report!

  – Philly

Chamberlain’s Report – Honorable Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

Nothing to report.

Herald’s Report – Lady Ragna Grímólfsdóttir

From the Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI) – This letter includes all new names and devices that have been submitted to the Eastern College of Heralds in the last month. It takes about two months for items to reach the next stage, the Eastern Letter of Decision.

  • March 2021:
    While I am pleased to report that the monthly letter has seen a sharp increase in activity, I did not see any names or items that I recognized as belonging to members of the Barony.

From the Eastern Letter of Decision (LoD) – This letter reports what items will be forwarded to Laurel to be decided on and what will be returned to the submitter for more work. It takes about six more months for submissions to reach the next stage, the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns.

  • March 2021:
    No letter appears to have been posted.

From the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) – This letter says what items have been accepted by SCA’s College of Arms and what has been returned to the submitter unregistered.

  • February 2021:
    I did not see any names or items that I recognized as belonging to members of the Barony, but send a hearty congratulations to our neighbors in Hartshorn-dale on the acceptance of their new badge ((Fieldless) A heartsease azure seeded within and conjoined to a mascle Or).

If you are currently unsure of the status of your name or device, please contact me at herald@bhakail.eastkingdom.org and I will provide you with an update.

In service,
  – Ragna Grímólfsdóttir

Chronicler’s Report – Lady Triona MacCasky

Nothing to report.

Knight Marshal’s Report – Lord Egill Illugasson


Philadelphia heavy practice has resumed, and is being held on Thursdays, 7pm, at the Riverview Plaza Parking lot. Parking is free, and the location is protected from rain. Masking and signing in for contact tracing are mandatory. See the Philadelphia SCA Higher Practice page on Facebook, or reach out to the Knight Marshal of Bhakail for details (knightmarshal@bhakail.eastkingdom.org).

Thank you,
  – Egil

Rapier Marshal’s Report – Don Melchior Kriebel

Practices are canceled until further notice.

Archery Marshal – Lady Maryna Borowska

Archery practices will be restarting April 24, full announcement forthcoming.

  – Maryna

Minister of the Lists’ Report – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

Nothing to report.

Chataleine’s Report – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

The Black Boot Company had an online meetup earlier in March, and though it wasn’t widely attended, great conversation was had by all. More meetups are planned for the future in order to welcome some of our newer members into our community.

אני לשירותך
  – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Minister of Arts & Sciences’ Report – Lady Maryna Borowska

Greetings the Barony!

Vivat to Lady Scolastica Capellaria, who has been inducted into the Order of the Silver Brooch for her arts!

The deadline to enter the Laurels Challenges is April 18. Visit moas.eastkingdom.org for more information.

  – Maryna

Chancellor Minor’s Report – Lady Honorable Lady Roseia Poseia

Greetings, Bhakail!

My report is as follows: Still planning on helping Shire of Blak Rose with their Youth Activity in October doing Shire Wars.

Respectfully submitted,
In Service to the East and the Dream
  – Roseia Posey

Webminister’s Report – Lord Rúni inn írski

No report.

Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Honorable Lady Livia Petralia

No report.

Pennsic Campmaster – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

As the latest update from the Mayor says, no major changes have been announced – planning still continues as it needs to. However, since the EK’s recent re-opening guidelines have been released, they shine a bit of light on Pennsic. Currently the guidelines prohibit gatherings of over 150 people, and also camping events, but please keep in mind these rules are only for our kingdom and Aethlemarc may create different ones or apply for a variance in order to hold Pennsic.

Another point of interest is the note that the SCA will NOT REQUIRE proof of vaccination status to enter an event, meaning an event like Pennsic will almost definitely have both vaccinated and unvaccinated people in attendance. Please use this information to make your own informed decision about whether or not you plan on attending any event. Please keep your camp masters informed as you make a final decision for you and/or your family, so we can keep our information updated as well.

The Mayor’s most recent update can be found on the Pennsic website – www.pennsicwar.org.

אני לשירותך
  – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

New Business

  • Crown Tourney bid – Hartshorn Dale is putting in a Crown Tourney bid and has asked for the Barony’s help. They are only asking for manpower as they are covering the cost of the event themselves, but wish to include their neighbors in the endeavor to promote cooperation between the two groups. The date is July 17th, 2021, and the event will be pre-registration only. The Barony has agreed to be a co-sponsor and are seeking volunteers to help out where needed. Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Lady Millisent de Harthewaite at smagcoll@yahoo.com.
  • New Webminister – The webminister’s term is up and our current webminister has not indicated his intention to continue in his post. Mael Eoin has agreed to step up to assume the position. He has indicated that if anyone else wishes to assume the position, please let him and the seneschal know, and he will step down from the position and give the new web minister any support they might need in getting settled in.
  • Deputy Herald – Our Herald is looking for a deputy.
  • Deputies for Baronial Officers – It was suggested that all officers who currently do not have a deputy, should consider seeking one. Currently the only position with a deputy is the MOAS. If anyone is interested in becoming a deputy for any of the other offices, please let the officer and the seneschal know.

Old Business

  • Deputy Exchequer – The Exchequer is looking for a successor or a deputy interested in learning the position. Mistress Philadelphia’s term as Exchequer is not due to expire until 2022 but she is looking for someone interested in learning the position with the intent to take over when her term ends. If you have any questions regarding the duties of the Exchequer please contact Mistress Philadelphia at exchequer@bhakail.eastkingdom.org.
  • Commons and Champions – Lady Triona MacCasky stepped up to be the steward for the event. The event date is August 29th, 2021, and we are tentatively planning on holding our heavy weapons and rapier championships at the event, provided we are able to do so. Traditionally this has been a potluck event, but due to the rules set forth by the BoD, this year will be a “bring your own picnic” event, as we are currently not allowed to share food at events. If anything changes between now and then, an update will be published in either the newsletter, or through our other social media outlets, should the announcement fall between newsletters.
  • Yule – Lady Maryna has indicated that she was still willing to be the event steward, assuming we will be allowed to host indoor events by December. In the meantime, she is still moving forward with planning and is seeking volunteers for various positions. Lady Triona has agreed to be the head cook for the feast, and Lord Ian Douglas has agreed to be the dayboard cook. Both are also looking for help in the kitchens.

Meeting ended.

Business Meeting

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