Seneschal’s report for February

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In Society news, the membership portal is still down, so if your membership has lapsed, please reach out to them in order to renew if you need to.  The alternative methods of paying for new or renewed memberships aren’t great (they’re very insecure; never send credit card information via email or snail mail so a check may be better but still not great).  There’s no timeline on when things will be back as of this writing (2/8/23).
We’ve had another successful Tavern and should hear more once everything is squared away with our Exchequer, but from all reports so far, it was a fun day!  Especially amazing since a quarter of the attendees were newcomers!  Vivant to our new Champions as well as outgoing Champions for their service over the past year.
Waking of the Salamander is coming up and as Tailleach is a new event steward, he would appreciate assistance on the event, if anyone experienced is available to support him.
Thank you very much to all who offered to step up for the Financial Committee!  Thank you, too, to those who have served over the past few years – Mistress Judith, Mistress Gisela, Doña Damiana and Lady Livia.  We’ll work with the new Webminister to get our new members added to the group – THL Bryan, THL Mikael, Lady Motte, and milord Guillaume.
We need to decide on whether we’re to sign the Shire Wars Charter and we’re still in need of a representative for the Shire Wars Committee.  They’re still looking for an event steward, too, and a host group for this year’s event.
After Waking of the Salamander, we really don’t have anything until after Pennsic…except for Pennsic, but that’s on everyone’s plate.  There’s important notes for this year, being Pennsic 50, so please pay attention to your campmasters and everything that’s required for this year.  While we want everyone to be able to camp with us, we’re also trying to accommodate new members camping with us versus camping elsewhere and the deadlines for registration, camp fees and especially tent information are hard deadlines.  Again: be on the lookout for missives from your campmasters and pay heed…they’re trying to be fair to as many people as possible but will be bumping people in the queue if dates are missed to accomplish that.
In Service,
Mael Eoin

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